Saturday, 3 May 2014

Roman Slave Market - Linear-b

Unlike the previous set, Roman Port, which contained a couple of slaves, this set is mostly slaves and a couple of sellers / Guards. 6 sellers and guards and the rest slaves, although one woman could theoretically be a citizen looking on in disgust/shock.
There´s a bit of Flash...but not so much that a bit of scalpel work will deal with.
The set divides mostly into little vignettes;
....Brutal guard beating slaves.......the guard would make another addition to an angry mob Scene.....
.....Brutal guard leading a mothers child away....
....brutal seller displaying his female captives. The female on the left could be either a slave awaiting her turn or a shocked onlooker. She doesn´t appear to have sandals so she could fall into the slave category.
....another guard leading away a prisoner.....
...and lastly, two buyers.


  1. I've seen better sets of them! But you did a great paintjob on them!


  2. Great paintjob as always:)

  3. Some right horror stories there Paul but a very useful set and nicely done as always!

  4. Those make for some great vignettes. Nice poses and well painted!

  5. agree with you in regard letting the customer sort out any trimming. it really is a shame when figures don't arrive how you expected them. but still, you've done a good job getting over the issues : )

  6. There a wonderful set Paul, but don't pull any punches - very evocative stuff.

  7. Nice modeling, Mr. Bods.

  8. Well done with these figures, unusual and inspired!

  9. Nice work even with the bad figures, as you point al the end. However, a great job of painting