Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Medieval Chicken Coop

This was an Experiment to create another building, originally it was to be a storehouse/granary, but it turned out smaller than I had planned. I´d only built the walls  and clad them so it was fact in ended up in the bin but then I had a think about it.
Make a hatch in the door, add some pillars (logically, they would have wanted it off the ground for the same reasons as a granary) and a run, also it´s tall enough to stand up in and shelving could be added for the hens to roost on = Chicken Coop.
Mary, on her way to collect some eggs, gets stopped by Pippin who is proudly showing off her new doll.
I couldn´t find much on how chickens were kept in the medieval era, but among the couple of Pictures I found, apart from some weaved "chicken baskets",  they Show them "housed".
Mary and pippin wearing red dresses


  1. I love it Paul! A delightful build, made all the more so by the historic reference.

  2. Paul, I've been following your efforts all the way and I just love your grain house and now this superb little chicken coop. I hope you will take it as the sincerest form of flattery when I tell you I intent copying it shamelessly for my Lewes project - with due credit of course.

    1. Many thanks .
      Like wise, I´m watching the Progress of your Lewes Terrain...pretty amazing.