Thursday, 26 November 2015

Medieval Camp followers (Pt2)

To add to the previous wagon a couple of stands of camp followers on foot are planned
The  woman and child are from the Linear-B Roman Transport set and have had cloaks added.
The  Bod in the middle from the Linear -B Roman Market set and has had a head swop
The female on the right from the Imex American Pioneers and has a cloak added

Bods from various Linear-B and strelets sets. The one hugging his pot is converted from a sitting bod from the Strelets Crusader Transport 2 set.


  1. Wonderful one-of-a-kind-just-as-you-want-them figures.

  2. Those are very useful and very well done Paul!

  3. Great job Paul, although some of their expressions suggest that they are rather tired of following.

  4. Great work ! i planned to use this set for my legions and now i don't even want to try :-)

  5. Lovely paintjob Paul.They figures have a lot of character thanks to your work.