Monday, 14 December 2015

Dick Turpin´s House

Post number 800 ...apparently
Not the one in Thaxted (where he apparently stayed) but the one across the road from the blue bell Inn in Hempstead.
From there (again, according to some sources..he may have worked as an apprentice butcher in Whitechapel and later had a shop in appears record keeping was a bit lax in the early 1800´s) he ran a legal butchers Business and Held cock fights on the grassed area in front of the house.

The whole village finished.
4 houses, 2 Barns, one with a house on the back, a corn silo and a chicken house.
The Haybarrack, beehives along with Fences, a well etc will be  added but as the Basing is done.


  1. Nice - as always.

    I was not aware that he was a butcher.


  2. Nice work Paul, I heard the real Turpin was very unlike the TV series with Richard O' Sullivan.

  3. 800, now that's a number! A lovely build to mark the auspicious number.

  4. Great looking village, or hamlet,no church?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain.
      I havent added a church for a couple of reasons. It´s a small village but mainly it will be used for the Bodstonian Imagi-nation and I want to Keep any religious references out of it. Maybe I´ll add to it later and make a seperate church for when it is in use for the medievals.