Thursday, 13 October 2016

Teutonic order 1329 - More pics

Some more piccies of the dio.
Prisoners  (possibly Lithuanians) in the main square

More of the Market place

A new winter guest.  The local hedgehog protection Group phoned up asking if we could take in a small (in the photo he weighed only  200 gramms) and feed him up.
He now weighs nearly 500 gramms :-D


  1. Beautiful pictures but great work with the hedgehog!

  2. It really is a work of work of art Paul and that hedgehog is adorable.

  3. Well done on the model, and for caring for your prickly friend! 'Hodge-hegs' are lovely aren't they, and they help protect the garden from slugs etc!

  4. Absolutely stunning model-work and very nice pictures or as you say in the big D: Geil! :)

  5. Excellent work, and the market scene is superb.