Thursday, 1 December 2016

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Pt3)

Taking a bit of time off from painting the rank and file..Some conversions
A Union General. This one was a bit of a more complicated conversion than I´d intended but after rooting about in the bits box I found a similar conversion (seen HERE in glorious Humbrol enamels along with a few other early conversions) I´d made some 30 plus years ago so it  Counts as "old school"
Nag and legs from the Airfix US Cavalry set, Body from the Waterloo British artillery set and a small concession to the "Nothing but Airfix", head and hat from the Revell 30yrs war Swedish Infantry
CSA Musicians. The drums are made from bits of sprue..
The Drummer made using the odd running and waving pose. He Looks like he´s trying to ease something out...Wind?
CSA Standard bearers. I´m sure a lot of People have come up with These   (and other) ideas to create Standard bearers.
Flag poles - flower arranging wire
Flags - Printed

Another building, this time loosely based on General Meade's Headquarters (The Leister Farmhouse), Gettysburg.
As it´s a gaming Piece and not an historical reconstruction, I didn´t bother adding the steps at the front or the Windows at the sides and back. And look at the size of those shingles/tiles!!!! In reality Theyéd be what, 1.5metres wide and tall ? Still, it got the Roof decked in quick time  :-D

"Don´t worry Victoria, I´m sure it will all be over by Christmas"
Well, Big John may be being  a bit presumptive or he isn´t refering to this Christmas?


  1. These are smashing Paul, lovely work Sir.

  2. Clever work on those conversions - very nice!

  3. Love "old school" Airfix figure conversions. The above reminded me very much of the piece "Armies By the Dozen" in Airfix Magazine Annual 1973 which described a number of conversions all using Airfix confederates.

    Cheers, Dave

  4. Very nice conversion and paint jobs! You even used that crappy Airfix horse base. Lord I hated those things! :/

    1. The bases!! I hated them as well..and I´ve now got a few of the US cav painted up..on original bases..near drove me to drink trying to get them to stay put.

  5. Rare to see conversions done as well as these. Well done indeed.