Friday, 6 January 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Cavalry completed

32 in total, 16 for the Union and 16 for the Confederacy.
Based on 2mm MDF board.
The Union Bods.
I kept one of the Standard bearers with the original flag..I didn´t have the heart to remove it.

Basing sizes,  according to the  Airfix American Civil War Wargaming book.

Infantry - single basing.  Frontage of 12.5mm with a 10mm depth. I´m basing them in pairs so a base will be 2.5cm´s wide with a 2cm depth.
Basically, appart from the artillery,  this is about all the basing advice the book gives so I´ve used the  12.5mm x 10mm as a Basis and "scaled it up" for the other arms.
Cavalry - 2 mounted bods per base =  width 5cm´s and depth 4 cm´s.
Individual mounted - Generals etc =  2.5cm´s by 4cm´s
Individual foot - Gunners etc = as per the Suggestion in the book, 12.5mm by 10mm
Artillery - A triangle with all 3 sides 5cm´s. The Limbers I´ve based at 4cm´s by 10cm´s.

Some of the bods were missing thier Sabres/sheaths so I replaced them with staples*. This was easier than I first thought. Luckily I recently  found a staple Cartridge (Here) which has  all the staples unformed, ie; not in the classic "U" shape but flat.
A Sabres I made a hole in the Hand with a pin and pushed the staple in, then cut it to length.
For the sheaths, I cut a staple to the correct length, heated it over a candle flame (Holding with a pair of tweezers) and simply "welded" it to the side of the bod.

*Using staples was mentioned in the "Bods and Generals" post.   There´s 5000 staples in the Cartridge so it will last a while


  1. Tremendous Paul, the staples are a stroke of genius.

  2. Excellent work Paul, great staple skills!

  3. Great what you make from these not so well modeled figures...absolutely amazing

    regards Michael

  4. interesting work Paul. I am particularly interested in the use of staples for scabbards and swords. Had an issue myself with some Caesar figs that had scabbards that were way too small for their corresponding swords (and the swords were bent too but that is a common problem with Caesar)

  5. Excellent work on these guys Paul!

  6. Good to see these old friends painted! Also I like the conversions you made!

    Best wishes to you and your family for 2017, Paul!