Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Pt6)

2 lots of CSA Infantry (40 in total) finished and based. Another 40 are nearing completion.
Based according the the base sizes in the Airfix American Civil War Wargaming book, 25mm x 20mm for 4 bods per base.
Planned is at least 4 "regiments" per side but more could be added depending on supply of bods and me Holding interest and not getting sidelined into some other Project
One bod is from the Airfix Wagon Train set.
The flags...
At the back, The 3rd Texas Infantry
At the front, The 28th Regiment, North Carolina

I´m still in two minds as to wether I should spray the whole lot with gloss or leave them matt...

A couple of Hills made from plasterboard offcuts..heavy, durable..and cheap.
Basic shapes cut out, the edges cleaned up a bit  using a fine toothed woodsaw  then glued together with PVA.
Painted with cheap wall paint
"Little house on the hill"

A shout for Phil from Philotep´s 1/72nd Minis Kingdom Blog. As his blog titel suggests, he´s a follower of the true scale ..1/72nd ;-) ..and he´s a damned good painter..his trolls (HERE) for example. 


  1. I would gloss them. The gloss makes the colours pop. There are some pictures of my Spencer Smith figures on my blog.

    I made my hills out of mdf I got from skip and jigsawed them into shape.

    I hope you dont get distracted as I am enjoying your journey unfold.


    1. On a Google search a while back, I came across your Spencer Smith bods..very nice. One of the reasons I´m trying to decide (torn between more like)gloss or matt. I think I´ll do a test and see.
      I did also consider MDF, but the plaster board turned up first and only needed a stanely knife to cut so it won.
      I´ll try not to get distracted. Problem with me is I think "engineers or a medical unit would be fun" then I start on them and have a bit more fun painting a wagon say, then I come up with an idea for a wagon for medievals or whatever and it´s down the slippery slope of shelving the ongoing Project.

  2. Now don't they look smart, only bettered by a coat of gloss varnish perhaps?

    1. Thanks Michael. I mentioned the Project (I don´t often waffle about the Hobby to None painters/modellers..the glazed expressions can be off putting) and he bunged me a can of gloss spray all I Need is the nerve to try it out. I really like both effects though..the gloss and the matt and I can imagine myself sitting here, having sprayed them, thinking "why the Feck did I do that?" :-)

  3. Hi Paul! "Follower of the true scale", you made me laugh :-D

    1. Hi Phil. Is there another true scale worth following ;-) :-) ?

  4. Qualitats alt-schule von der altschulemeister!


  5. The Trolls really damned good looking! Also a nice work on those poor soldiers forced to serve in a war, they did not wanted to serve, according to the cinematic tale of "Free State of Jones" which deals with this topic.

    However, great looking bods :)

  6. Great stuff Paul another journey down memory lane.

  7. They look much better in matt. Don't do it!