Thursday 20 July 2017

Medieval Guards resting

I´ve painted up this lot before..nearly five years ago as a bunch of soldiers in the pay of sir  Hugh Jarse. Then I called it  "Medieval Picnic" but they are in fact called (as per the post titel)  VA126 "Medieval guards resting"  by  Valdemar-Miniatures
This lot are painted up for the 1329 Teutonic dio  in the same Red and White livery as the  Medieval Guards on Duty set
Two sets making a total of 14 bods, 2 tables, three benches (one was missing) and 2 dogs.

Normally he would be Holding something foodwise up to his mouth but I´ve added a crossbow so he can maybe be seated on a Barrel or whatever and be added to the Standing guards


  1. "Menestrel, another song, and you the innkeeper, another glass!"...and Paul, another splendid job!

  2. Related to Sir Hugh Jampton, perchance?
    Excellent, as always!
    Best regards, WM

  3. A triumph Sir, great ti see them handled in a different way too.

  4. Excellent sculpts and your usual first class paintwork!