Tuesday 1 August 2017

Burgundian Field Artillery - Mars

The Sculpting is the usual Mars Standard, not good and adding to the Problems of the sculpting, there´s a lot of Flash to deal with.
The Review at PSR Shows a bit of Flash but either they have got a sprue with less Flash or have removed most of it.
Both the bods and the guns suffer from it, in fact, I nearly gave up whilst removing it. Still, after the snipping and carving the bods and guns (the wheels are the worst part) they become a servicable if rough looking set.
The Bods.
6 on each of the 4 sprues.
One is Holding a rather large cannon ball that has a much larger caliber than either of the guns which goes for the swab sponge Held by another.
As with all the bods, the faces look a bit punched in.
The seated bod. Exactly what the blob is above his Hand and his ale mug is I don´t know. A rather large thumb?
The Standing bod. Under his right Hand is another undefinable object. I didn´t notice until I started painting but It appears to be the handle from a dagger.

The guns
One carriage, two wheels and a choice of two Barrels on each sprue.
No glueing necessary but the Wheel hubs Need a bit of Drilling out (a 0.8mm bit will do the Job) so the axles fit.
The Crew isn´t as good as the RedBox Hussite one but the guns are better, though not as good as the Zvezda guns.
Two spare sprues have gone onto the Bods 4 Sale page but as I´ve written, they do have a bit of Flash to remove.
As for the spare Barrels from the two sprues I´ve used? Without going to the effort of creating a carriage...a Small Bombard?


  1. Wonderful work again, despite the undefinable objects on the bods. I like the purple colour scheme on them.

  2. Under the circumstances you have done a great job on these Paul.

  3. Wonderful work,I specially like the cannons and the ram and ball crew.

    p: the standing bod next to gunmaster has a bollock dagger under his right hand hehehe

    1. Thanks Juan. The shape of the "Thing" under his right Hand does look..er?..very suspicious :-)

  4. It must be said these are some of the easiest figures to paint Paul,especially with you painting them. Well done on your finished painting result.
    As for me my Mars figures, lumps of misshaped plastic,I feel should be sent back to that Planet. BB