Thursday, 12 October 2017

More bits and Bods

A few bits that don´t Warrant a post all of thier own.*

Two new additions to the Bodstonia Landscape, a couple of Trappers/Militia. Bodies from the Imex Pilgrims, the heads from the Imex George Washington´s army
Some more North American Indians in a Canoe. Bodies and Canoe from the Imex Lewis and Clark set, heads from the Italeri Indian Warriors.
I´ve forgotton where the musket came from but I think it was a spare from the Imex Pilgrims set. 
A small  Veuglaire. I haven´t a clue what make it is but it´s A really nice Piece  and made entirely out of Metal.
The tent from the Emhar crested kniggits set. As it Comes, OOB, the Thing is massive. PSR puts it at around 5 meters tall. I sawed off 2 cm´s from the bottom so the doorway is the height of a bod.
*If it hadn´t been for a recent stay in Hospital, they might have had some other bits added to them but as I´m in "recovery" sitting down to paint etc is beyond me at the Moment :-(


  1. As ever, your talent at making these lovely models amazes me! I hope your recovery is swift and painless!

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend Paul, I hope it was nothing that serious.
    Painting and conversions on the bods looking good, as always.

  3. Hospital? Hope you're on the mend? If not - get better soon; that's an order!


  4. Thanks chaps.
    Right at the start of the month, the 2nd,after a bad Weekend, high fever with back pains and burning pee, I started Peeing blood..exact cause still unknown. I couldn´t go through with the final check, a cystoscopy,,way too painfull!!!. No anesthetic even though I was told on admission I´d Need to be knocked out and I insisted on being knocked out twice up until the "attempt". The doc finally said after trying and me producing a wide range of swear words.. "yep, you´re one of those who Needs to be knocked out for this"
    Due to having anti-bios through a drip, which cured (as far as I can tell) the original complaint, I ended up with blood poisoning in both arms and now the tendons are inflamed. I could write an Essay on how cr*p the staff and thier Organisation/help/advice etc was, an Essay which I´ll write to the medical complaints board but it would be too Long for here.
    Anyways...I´m still around :-)

    1. I am wondering where you got treated? I am guessing they thought it was a kidney infection (Pyelonephritis), and probably a localised reaction to the IV Antibiotics?

    2. Believe it or not, I was treated in Hospital, one that has a specialised eurology dept. They wrote something to do with my prostrate but that, IMHO, is twaddle.
      I reckon it was either a kidney infection or Stones, which I´ve had before, 86 /87..peeing blood but then I got a CT scan and some sort of liquid which flushed them and they told me to go out and drink 3.4 worked.
      The 1st IV got infected cos it wasn´t put in properly (I had to tell them 3 times that was the case, they only took it out when I said I was going to do it myself) and the other was left in too Long..4 days. Added to that a possible reaction to the antibios but I´ve since learnt that they should be drip fed for the ist couple of days until the values go down, after that orally..which I insisted on after the second cannule had messed up and I´m still taking them orally now.
      If the values don´t return to normal by the end of the month (or the blood peeing Returns) I´ll be put in for the cystoscopy but in another Hospital...never would I go back there.
      It wasn´t only me that came in with one Thing and ended up with another. In the room I was in three other patients went through in the week I was there..two ended up worse off than before, one even left and came back in a worse state two days later. Complete feck up all round.

    3. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I think a letter to the hospital detailing your concerns would be reasonable. Specialised Urology departments should IMHO be better than what you describe.
      PS: Yes, I work in the NHS.

  5. Very nicely done, love the tent...and I hope everything's getting better and better for you now...courage!

  6. Hell's teeth, Paul. Look after yourself. Best wishes, WM

  7. Great looking bods Paul, glad you're on the mend!

  8. super
    richtig tolle figurenbemalung
    vom allerfeinsten

  9. Bugger me what shocking news Paul I am hoping you have a speedy recovery soon ,good to see that you can still produce when in such a predicament , we can't have the great PB out of action ,thks for you nice comments on my work ,I really appreciated that compliment from one of the Masters . rgds modelman pat

    1. Thanks Chaps
      @Pat. The bits and bods were produced a while back, pre the stay in I bunged them together in one post.
      Imagine my suprise when yesterday I got a letter from the hopspital thanking me for choosing them (I had no choice at the time, I now know better) and hoping I found my stay a happy one!!!! Bloody cheek of the People.!!

  10. Just a few words to wish you a speedy recovery. Really without health have is so little thing. I wish you a lot of courage :-))