Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Medieval Welsh Spearmen

Another stand of bods for the Bannockburn Project.
The Standard. It bears the coat-of-arms of Andrew Harclay, 1st Earl of Carlisle.
Usually, the Cadency mark, the Martlet in the first quarter, signifies a 4th son but apparently he was the 1st would have had a Label as a cadency mark ??
Maybe I´ve missed something ?

I can´t find any mention of him  taking part on the campaign or being at Bannockburn,   he was probably busy with the defences of Carlisle at the time  but I reckon he would at least have sent a contingent of Soldiers for the Invasion.

Wether he did or didn´t send troops or was in fact present on the campaign, the addition of  his banner adds a bit more colour.
To make up the numbers conversions were necessary...mostly headswops


  1. Nice set of minis. I'm not good enough at heraldry to help you regarding the coat-of-arms, sorry.
    What set of rules are you using ?

    1. Thanks Phil.
      One of my next Posts will have a more complicated heraldry conundrum. I´ve used, what I thought would be a simple design but I haven´t seen anything like it so I think I may have invented a Coat-of-arms.
      Rules = Basic Impetus.
      The original Posts for the battle of bannockburn were a series of mobile dios. I didn´t use any rules but just set up the battle as it historically (as far as I could confirm) took place. Saved wearing the Corners off my dice :-)

  2. Don't know about the heraldy question, but they look wonderful Paul, great job!

  3. I'm rubbish at heraldry, but that doesn't stop me admiring your handy work.

  4. Whether or not he was at the battle the figures look good Paul.

  5. Lovely stuff Paul, they look great in ranks too. i'm really enjoying what you are doing with this project. And i must say that dice need to be rolled, it makes them happy!!!.

  6. Awesome painting!

    (I can’t help on heraldry either). But I do like the history.

  7. Thanks all.
    The heraldry question is sorted. It isn´t a cadency mark for two reasons;
    1.sons only carry cadency marks if the father is still alive, his was dead so as him being;
    2. the first son he´d have taken his cadency mark off leaving only the cross of st George..not impossible but unlikely.

  8. hi die sehen sehr gut aus
    sind das strelets figuren

  9. Lovely painting, such a nice looking unit.