Friday 18 May 2018

Andrew Moray and William Wallace

Two more for the Bannockburn Project, and two more for the Medieval Lords and Ladies list.
Andrew Moray
The real powerhouse behind the Rebellion? Well, considering Wallace´s downturn in Fortunes with the death of Moray after the Battle of Falkirk and a lot of Blind Harry´s Story about him being considered historically incorrect, ie; some of Moray´s achievements being given as those of Wallace, it Looks more like Moray was the man at the time.
Seeing as he´s not even mentioned in the Historically accurate docu film,  Braveheart, I´ve given him first billing here. 
Sir William le Waleys.
Commonly, his Coat-of-Arms is shown with a bordure counter-compony but the  Gules a lion rampant argent and a bordure compony of the last and azure was probably more likely, the bordure counter-compony being added because of it´s associations with illegitimacy.
I haven´t seen any versions with the bordure compony on the nags caparison but all red it looked a bit boring so I´ve added it. 
His Standard bearer..Jack Short?
Both joined with the entire army.
158 infantry
20 mounted

The Cavalry 
Someone showing thier respects to the english army


  1. That is a fantastic army. Great visual impact and brilliantly researched. What game(s) have you based them for?.

  2. Paul, they're excellent as always ? I don't remember if I ever asked you: for what ruleset are they based for ?

  3. Are you using older free pdf Basic Impetus rules or newer commercial Basic Impetus 2.0 rulebook?

    1. The freebie ones. I´ve got them linked (on my links page) and downloded some copies, which, along with my other rule sets (some bought in the 1980´s), I cannot find at the Moment due to renovations.

  4. Beautiful miniatures. They look stunning.

  5. Hahah. Nice miniature moon! 😀

    While Brave Heart was not historically accurate at least it was entertaining. Luckily Mel went on to make The Patriot which is both entertaining and 100% accurate. 😂

  6. You are a proliferate modeler, Mr. Bods. And it is all good.

  7. Proper heraldry? No woad and tartan? What sort of monster are you? Seriously though, really enjoying seeing these bods. Reminds me what got me into painting in the first place, but wonder how you get that much detail into 1/72 scale.