Thursday, 16 August 2018

Medieval artillery park

27 blackpowder weapons, ranging from a Pot-de-Fer to a large Bombard, 13 Traction weapons, 126 crewmen and a handfull of seige Equipment, Mantlets, Rams, ladders, a Tonnelon and a Tower.
13 Things that go "whoosh" when they chuck things....
...and 27 Things that go "BANG!!!" when they chuck Things..
136 crewmen. Not all, as some are based with the device they are serving.
Makes are from Airfix to Zvezda.

Total of the Collection so far,, just bods and nags, with this lot added to the previous Army of the light, Army of the dark and the Massed Medieval cavalry Posts;  460 mounted, 475 foot. An obvious imbalance in the Ratio of mounted to foot but  that will alter when I post the medieval armies later.


  1. Lovely bunch of lads..... With yet again the classic Airfix Robin Hood guys in there.. They must be one of the most moddable/useful sets of bods produced...... Now I want more "bangs" for my boys.....

    1. Thanks Ian. The Robin Hood set is certainly one of the most adaptable sets going..I think I´ve managed 40 or so conversions from the Basic far :-)

  2. Wow, those would leave quite a hole!. Beautiful collection Paul. I'm itching to see the rest!

  3. In the third photo down, in the middle column, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weapons, are those cannons? They look like spears mounted, such that men, or animals, charge while pushing them into an enemy line. I've seen this type of weapon before, just wondering.

    Fantastic work, as always, Paul! Always a pleasure-feast for the eyes! Cheers!

  4. They are called ribaudequins. Loads of Barrels mounted next to each other, which could be fired singularily or in a volley. Great shock effect when fired but it took a while to reload and as they were commonly used to block up Gateways, alleys and the like, they had mantlets and spikey bits added to hold off the enemy whilst reloading or just to create an obstacle a bit similar to a chevaux-de-frise but with wheels and added bang effect

  5. Very nice collection! 😀

  6. Oh nooooooooooooooooo....I need each of these beautiful things, splendid and very impressive!

  7. Totally brilliant, Paul. I'm tempted to say they are Pythonesque, indeed, which is the highest compliment of all.
    Best regards

  8. That's one impressive looking collection, looks like your aiming for world domination.

  9. I had no idea there were quite so many siege engines made in this scale!