Saturday 30 September 2017

Modern Mounted Amazons

Like the Modern Amazons on foot, they have been re-assigned as Cimmerians.
They´ve been given the nags from the HäT Numidian Cavalry. The nags aren´t as sturdy as the ones from the  Mounted Cimmerians set but they fit the Bodettes better and provide a light cavaly element.

The Mounts provided, Lizards, unicorns etc are nice sculpts but;
A. The bodettes don´t fit that well,  the Fantasy Mounts are way too wide
B.  Lizards, Lions, lionesses, unicorns and stags as Mounts? IMHO, way too fantastical and too much of a mix. Just lions and lionesses would, IMHO, be fine but four different types of creature?..nope. 
10 mounted and one foot Bodette.
A couple of random Close ups. 
My favourite pose from the set. 
Command Bodette
"Fly my lovelies!!"
Compared with the nags from the Cimmerian  set thier horses are tiny..but the Cimmerian ones are big even when put alongside medieval destrier types from other sets. 
I suppose What they lack in power they gain in Speed and manouverability


  1. Specatcular amazons, they look superb!

  2. These Amazons are ready for Battle, yeah!
    I have this Amazons in progress. :-)