Sunday, 9 December 2018

Goblin Warriors - 2

Again from RedBox and again  on the Dark Alliance side,   the set has 48 bods in 12 poses. Like the previous set, a winsy bit of Flash, middle hard cream plastic.
I´ve painted the White Hand of Saruman on the Standard. I could have gone with the red eye of Sauron but I´d already painted the Standard red.

The leader carries a staff...made of ---GULP! a thigh bone!!!
Couple of pics of the others


  1. They really are ugly little feckers, cracking work Paul!

  2. Great painting! I especially love the skintone, which colors did you use?

  3. Wonderful job as always Paul. These minis have so much character to them. You really get a feel of malicious intent!!.

  4. Nice work, Paul! Ordered the first set of RB Goblins, based on your review and photo's. Planning to use them as Orcs, but just a technicality. I love the plastic 1/72 sets coming out. Can't wait for their upcoming Centaurs, and more... Cheers!

  5. Great work; foul looking creatures aren't they! 1/72 fantasy is looking more and more tempting all the time

  6. Ha, ha.. These are great...

    You really know how to get the best out of wee guys - your figures are always so full of life..