Thursday 6 September 2018

Union Infantry on the March - Strelets

20 bod poses in this, again not including the Streltsi, 19 poses. One is reckoned to be a Sergeant but I´ve put him to one side..maybe he´ll end up as an Artillery officer. As with the sets, there´s  only one Standard bearer so two rank and file bods had to be drafted in to make up the numbers.
Again, a doddle to paint and very Little Flash.
The Standard is the 15th Winsconsin.

The "Sergeant"
A bit of "Nature News".....4 more Urchins have been Born in our garden.
The pic below is the 4 of them just after they left thier nest. 
Two Portrait shots. They are quite Young and them to the Ivy leaves :-)
Two days ago there was a cheeping noise from the nest. I thought it was a bird being disturbed by them moving about but was one ot the Urchins cheeping!!! I never knew that hedgehogs could cheep but apparently they do it when they want to Signal to thier mother.
The next evening I waited for them to come out and one was so happy it´d found a big cheeped! 
THIS link has an example of one chirping.


  1. Cracking figures (as usual).

    Hedgehogs are the most fantastic creatures on this planet, lovely to see a family doing so well!

    1. Thanks Matt. last night the mother ran past one of the Urchins..immediatley it "cheeped" and ran after her, constantly trying to push it´s noes under her to get some milk. The mother wasn´t having any of it and eventually pushed the urchin away with a front paw. All happily back in the nest now.

  2. For Blue Bellies they look quite nice.

  3. Nice looking Union Regiment! Reading you talk about drafting in riflemen as standard bearers reminds me of my first wargames book by Terry Wise. Also love the hedge hogs!

    1. Thanks David. I´ve got the book (for real) and the articles (als PDF)He usually used the airfix bods who had their rifle across thier chest or the one running with his Hand up but I´ve seen (and copied) the Standing to Attention or marching bods.

  4. Splendid minis...and Urchins!

  5. Very cool miniatures!
    It took me a few sentences to figure out what you were talking about and the last bit.