Sunday, 5 May 2019

Rubber Ducks - A Warning!!

There they are, bobbing in the bathtub or sitting next to the soapdish, wearing, similar to you,  nothing but a smile. Nearly everyone and that´s the clue, nearly everyone has one somewhere in thier living space. Big ones...small ones...ones that squeek when squeezed. Mainly yellow but they come in a wide range of colours and guises, Santa Ducks, Cowboy ducks etc. All cutsie not be decieved. When there´s enough of them, when there´s one duck for each Person on the planet, this friendly Little chap...
....will turn into this ! A hunchbacked Horror!!!! A belly hook and three claws per arm for gouging and tearing! This Thing will hunt out your soft areas for burrowing into to form a nest with ensuite larder.
Be advised...The day will come so don´t Keep them in your bathroom,especially in or  near the  foot end of the bath!!
A happy day out Floating your ducks? Yeah right! Think´s an Invasion!!!!
Photo by Andreas Schwarzkopf


  1. Truly, Rubber Ducks will take only so much squeezing and pushing around, then they will seize the moment and kwak you real good.

  2. Goodness, we are already outnumbered in my house...I will never sleep again!.

  3. Funny but my field has no rubber ducks just the quacking live bastards!

  4. That is seriously disturbing!

  5. Dammit, need to check the bathroom for these critters now!