Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Knights of the round Table (Pt 6) Arthur

Arthur Pendragon
A difficult one as he´s got s few different C-o-A´s attributed to him;
1. Azure, thirteen (or ten) crowns or. 
2. Three gold crowns (2 and 1, or in pale), usually on azure but sometimes on gules,  
3. Vert, a cross argent, standing on its dexter arm the image of the Holy Virgin and Child     also argent.  
4.Quarterly; 1 and 4, Quarterly or and vert, a cross argent; 2 and 3, 
5 . Gules, three crowns in pale or. 
6. Azure a cross or.
7. A golden Dragon which was also borne by his father, Uther Pendragon and the dragon also formed his Standard. 

I went for three crowns (in pale) on a red Background.

His nag. I could find the possible names of it, Llamrei, Hengroen or even Passelande but as to it´s Colour or markings...Nothing. 
Degore or Sir Tegyr. Not a lot of info on this guy.  Gules, Hart Passant or
The whole gang (so far). Bedivere, Brunor le Noir, Bors de Ganis, Galahad, Gawain, Hector de Maris, Kay de Seneschal, Lancelot du lac, Percival de Galis and Tristram de Lyons.  

This lot, with the other recently painted mounted bods, makes another 25 to add to the Massed Medieval Cavalry, which gets  Pretty close to 500 mounted kniggits and sergeants.


  1. This is some fine work, Paul! Heraldry is super.

  2. Colorful and splendid Paul!

  3. I've really enjoyed your survey, so to speak of King Arthur and his knights. Do you plan to have any battles with them?


    1. Thanks Chris. I Always "plan" battles but they rarely take place. I´ll paint up some Opposition for them, Mordred has to be painted.

  4. Another cracker Paul, I just love seeing them all together, a veritable riot of colour.

  5. Hi Paul,

    do you already know, that Elhiem has a crowdfunding for 1/72 fantasy miniatures online?

    Maybe you or your readers are interested in the topic. Just £18 left to get it funded

    As we play D&D in 1/72 scale, I think it's awesome to get some more classic fantasy party miniatures in 1/72 (20mm)!

    1. Hi.
      I can give it a heads up here, I´d definately like to see more 1/72nd Fantasy, especially hobbits but I´m a bit put off by Crowdfunding. What happens when it doesn´t reach target ? Price of the final set? In this case, I can´t find any pics of the intended set, I can imagine how they might look like but What will the bods actually look like?

    2. Hi Paul, to be honest I also don't know how they'll look like :D

      However because the funding threshold is so low I think the risk is reasonable.
      I know and really like Elhiem's figures and if just a few more guys would drop 1 or 2 bucks into the funding, we will probably get a pleasant surprise :)

  6. That is a lovely group there. Like golden era Hollywood has arrived on the tabletop!

  7. Great work and a lovely result.