Thursday, 13 February 2020

Vikings - Strelets

Another Batch of Vikings, this time the Strelets set MOO4 .
12 poses, not a lot of Flash. Some of the bods have ring Hands which are meant for the weapons attached to the sprue, 3 spears, a sword and an Axe.  The axe provided was fine, the spears and Sword not so.   I used a spear and axes* from the spares box.
Two of the bods had wings/Horns on thier helmets, these got removed.

This lot can be formed up to make decent looking Skaldborg (Shield Wall) with the shields overlapping etc, though my basing doesn´t allow that.
 Couple of close ups
*The excellent Site Hurstwic, reckons spears were a more common viking weapon but, if at all possible,  I really like my Vikings armed with swords and axes.


  1. Nice work, Paul! Sometimes the anatomy looks a bit off on Strelets but these guys look human!

  2. Those are very nice, and metallic armour seems to have been less common than is commonly thought, so that padded armour is probably the best and most likely alternative!

  3. Love them! Well done Paul


  4. They look so determined and beautiful, love the 'axemen', truly impressive!

  5. and i will say it again, your paintwork on shileds is wonderful.

  6. I think you have done a wonderful job with a product that can be challenging to work with. Your experience working with these soft plastic figures really shows- impressive.