Monday, 1 June 2020

Mounted Vikings - Tumbling Dice

Set VK9.
8 bods in 8 different poses.
2 pennons, 2 lances/spears (1with a normal point, 2 with boars heads), 3 axes, 2 swords and 8 shields (4 curved, 4 flat)
And now the difficult or better said, confusing bit.
No nags. Well, not with the Bods, they came seperately. They came with the order and they are numbered as C1066H1 - Pony/Light horse. Each Nag set has 4 nags so to mount the whole crew it needs 2 x C1066H1. Within the total of 8 nags there are 5 different poses so I suppose it depends as to which bag you get as to the pose selection.
Also, are the nags included in the price of the Bods? TBH, I don´t know. The invoice isn´t 100% clear. Best to ask (Per E-Mail) first.
Close ups and the 5 different Nag poses.
The Mounted Viking Command set has the nags included with poses 1 - 4
6 is a repeat of 4
7 is a repeat of 2
8 is a repeat of 1
Which means, Poses 3 and 5 are the variables from both sets


  1. Nice horsemen, and even nicer horses. They look like hairy ponies, your technique is very interesting.

  2. Well done Paul, nice job!

  3. Great looking figures. I do like the shaggy horses.