Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Viking Skirmishers - Tumbling Dice

Titel on the web site from TD "VK5 Skirmishers  Hand weapons"
8 Bods, 6 shields ,  4 spears, (two of them with pennons), 3 swords, 2 long handled axes, and 1  bow.
Close ups.
Skirmishers? Ok, why not but Most of them wouldn´t look out of place in a shield wall


  1. Great looking figures, I like the white and yellow shield!

  2. Great, dynamic poses - lovely job Paul.

  3. When I take a look at my painted ones, I think I should search myself another hobby.... Really a great paintjob!

  4. These fellas look intent on some really nasty business!
    Like Ray, I was particularly taken by the shields. Beautiful painting all around!

  5. I really like that figure in the pelt vest- very unique- and a great natural pose.