Friday, 3 July 2020

Anglo Saxon Select Fyrd - Tumbling Dice

Set AS3.
8 bods and 8 kite shields. Two poses were repeated so didn´t get painted.
This lot are the "rich kids", landowners, freemen so unlike the huscarls they have thier own colours on thier shields.
Close ups
Pose on the far right is one of the repeated poses
 Pose on the far left is one of the repeated poses
As with a lot of the infantry sets from TD, wether the repeat poses are the same in each set isn´t clear. If I had got two sets of the above, it could have shown wether they have the same repeat poses or wether the repeat poses are random.


  1. Great looking additions Paul!

  2. They are perfect action poses for skirmish wargaming aren't they? Lovely painting, as ever.

  3. Great stuff- I like the earth tone of the basing underneath the static grass.