Saturday, 5 September 2020

Medieval Russian Militia - Strelets

Like the Medieval Russian Peasant Levy from Strelets, I´ve looked at them over at PSR and thought "Yuk!" but got both sets after seeing some conversion potential in the Peasant levy set. Not too many conversion possibilites with this far.

One was holding a square shield, that got swopped for a round one.
The javelin thrower had his, what looked like a stiff snake, swopped.
One of the repeat poses has been converted to the standard bearer with a printed flag.

Anyway, they´ve been hanging around waiting for paint  for a while so they´ve finally got some.
Tiny amount of Flash to deal with.
Things for  stabbing and chucking
Things for hacking
Things for clubbing and bashing
Standard bearer and I reckon the one in the great coat is the boss


  1. A lively looking bunch Paul, great painting too.

  2. Nice work, could be a useful set if I ever get around to needing some Samogitians

  3. Great result, Paul. It is not so easy to do this with figures from Strelets 8)

  4. Great looking bods! ALso the banner is just great - do you print this or bought?

    1. Thanks :-) The flag is printed.The edges needed repainting but way easier than painting it myself. I found it online but one just needs to be carfull with Copyright.

  5. A grand collection of fine looking fellows!

  6. Lively looking bunch. Those strelets figures really do look better painted than in the raw plastic. Which is true of all figures, but there are those that really need that cosmetic face-lift.

  7. They certainly look a hell of a lot better after your paint job mate!

  8. Hi Paul I think you have done another great job for strelets making one of the lesser known sets look so so good