Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Miniart Hussite Wagons

Ok...the bods in the set are quite ...er?? Ugly...but the wagons are ok.

Stakes from toothpicks, the Pavisen made like this
"Gods word is truth"
The axles?? The set comes with the axles either bent or they break off  so i just replace them straight away with wire. Cut to length, heat up and weld into place. The holes in the wheels need redrilling as do the holes in the staves that attach to the axle and run up the sides of the Wagons.

Here´s a link to a 1955 film about the leader of the Hussites and the battle of Sudomer...historically as accurate as a flim can get...and well worth a look.

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  1. Interesting. Do I see it right that the 'door' in that wagon is as high as a usual 1/72 figure?

  2. I love it, especially your scratch made pavises. Great tutorial Paul and btw, I must find a way to get the "Goose in the Goblet" image into one of my Medieval armies too. Naughty goose!

  3. WOW those bods are even smaller than my son paints them ;-)

    Like those wagons a lot!

  4. Splendid - especially given the wagons' obvious reluctance to being assembled! I used to regularly 'fight' a 25mm Hussite army in the 1980s - happy days.

  5. I've just changed my profile settings...

    I'm just back to the spares from that box. I think I can make another 3 cars/carts/wagons(?) from them... :D
    Yours are great!

  6. Great looking stuff! Nice work on these Paul.


  7. Excellent, especialy pavisens. I think that a goose ("husa" in Czech) shouldn't be on one of them - it's insult for Husites.

  8. Great work Paul. Lovely to get a little glimpse of the work area and see them before and after.

  9. That will be a laager for me bartender!

    I would love to see the ugly bods though - if just for a good cringe! :-D

  10. Thanks :-D
    @Sasha..antwort auf dein Blog :-D
    @ Pryzmek..the goose and the chalice were common images used by the Hussites...look here :-D
    @Atreides...good man..I´ll shout your blog up next post :-D
    @Richard...I will paint them up..cos you asked :-D
    They aren´t the nicest of bods though...the faces!!!
    @ Michael...s**t...your right..there´s a bit of the real world in that last pic!!! I wouldn´t dare to put up a full pic of the chaos that pretends to be a work area!!

  11. Nice work especially a glimpse from behind the scenes.

  12. Lovely job. Show those ugly bods!

  13. Hi, I am from Czech republic, and Hussite are very important part of our history. There is a one mistake. Hussites NEVER use goose on pavisen and flags. This symbol was just a propaganda of enemies.
    This animal (goose) is in our language symbol of something stupid(no clever), it was just a insult of hussites from their enemies. I know, in a lot of books there is a flag with goose (osprey...),its just because in old german chronicles was founded pictures with goose, but it was just a propaganda.

    Sorry for my poor english.

  14. Here is interesting thread about hussites and their symbols (in czech).

    In old chronicles was founded a lot of pictures with gooses, for example goose killed by arrow....

  15. Hello Paul,

    nice bods. Unfortunately I´ve never heard about English or German subtitles for this movie.
    You can learn Czech. I will be your teacher :-))

  16. Nice work Paul!
    The pavises look great....well done my friend!

  17. Thanks
    @Alois...learning German was hard enough :-D
    @Anon...I can believe the use of the word Hus as an insult..but Jan Zizka came from Hus or not??? So wouldn´t it be logical that the name was then transferred to the hussites.his followers. I know there is only German representations of the shield but maybe they weren´t being nasty..
    good english btw :-D

  18. Looks great, Paul. Keep it coming!

  19. @Paul: Hus is not a insult, but Husa (Goose) yes.
    Its a play with worlds.
    Preacher Jan Hus, was from village Husinec. This name is from name of pool near the village( maybe because there was a lot of gooses, they was important domesticated animal).

    Hussite revolution was try of Catholic reform based on work of Jan Hus. Their symbol was chalice. Name hussites is something like "Hus´s followers" , not goosses. But because of shape of world Hus and Husa in czech, they was insulted with symbol of goose, as something stupid.

    Jan Zizka came from Trocnov.

    Try this : http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Husitství with google translator. Yes, you can find picture with goose flag here :)

    Secong think is, that symbol of goose on flags and pavisen is very atractive on miniature ;-) , so let it be.

  20. Hussites themselves named "Kališníci" - Chalicers.