Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hussite Infantry (RedBox)

On the PSR review they get a pretty decent score..and I agree with it.  PSR  says that the set comes only in silver plastic..mine were cream coloured and the flash mentioned at PSR was virtually absent on my set of bods.
Some great poses and accurate weapons etc..a couple of the heads are a bit small but a transplantation will sort that...;.D
So, the bods painted OOB
None of them have been based as some are going to catch the bus...get put in the wagons and the rest are being added to another lot to create an infantry block.......or two.
The "missile" troops.
Flails and nasty clubs (sounds like a 70´s punk band...) Damm!! There´s that goose again!!!
Viscious pikes and what looks like a zulu club!!
Hello to Atreides from Marechel a 1:72..anotherfan of 1/72nd bods and all things attached. I painted about 7 from the 90 HaT El Cid Spanish inf...he´s painted the whole box!!!!!! :-D
And hello to...yet again Blogger has blocked me from seeing the followers..annoying it is getting!!!


  1. Good stuff, a few look like they could fit well in a peasants army.

  2. Much better than the MiniArt figures!
    Those colours are great!

  3. Again a nice couple of colorful bods!

  4. Damned violent looking chaps; beautifully done as ever Paul

  5. wahou!!!!!!!!!! very good! better and better, Paul! a nice set: those "bods" are good ones....

  6. It's allways so colourful and thanks for the link to the movie.

  7. They're not bad at all, nice work goosey.

  8. This is a particularly vicious looking bunch. Very well painted.

  9. Looks more like a farmyard duck to me!!!!

    Always been interested in Hussites - fierce bunch!

    Nice paint job me ol' mate!