Sunday, 18 June 2017

Conan and Friends

...Friends ? Knowing how Conan carries on they will probably end up as foes...and then dead.

Anyway, it isn´t Conan and friends but Redbox´s Cimmerians set1.

These aren´t, by any Stretch of the Imagination, the lot from antiquity or possibly not those inhabiting the fictional world of Cimmeria, thought up by Robert E. Howard.  There, they appear to be more or less a Stone age type of People who distained armour as cowardly so it more or less Counts this lot out .

So, Fantasy warrior bods who are definitely not the ones mentioned by the Assyrians in the 8th Cent BC but could be the R.E Howard type Cimmerians, only clothed and armed in the Heavy Metal mag style.
TBH, I don´t care, I like em as they are.

Seeing as one or two of them have a Viking/Dwarf look about them I went with reddish Brown hair.
Stupidly...I´ve painted up and added one from set two..the one on the far right. I did wonder why there are 11 poses instead of the ten pictured on the box
The one on the left. At first I thought it was a female bod.
Conan ?
"I´ll be back!!"

I decided what this lot will represent or on what side they will be. That means I haven´t yet come up with any shield designs or a suitable Standard.


  1. Oh I say, they are rather magnificent!

  2. Really nice work!. I have set 2 which is more gw chaos warriors in style. Very dynamic poses on some of these.

  3. Welcome back Conan...and friends...each of them is really impressive!

  4. klasse
    wo ist der her red box
    der sieht klasse aus die figuren sehen top aus
    deine bemalung gefällt mir auch sehr gut

  5. Brings back so many memories.

  6. Very impressive brushwork Paul.

  7. Lovely stuff as always Paul.