Sunday 11 June 2017

Caeser Orcs - set 2.

What is there to say about them ? Nice poses, 13 0f them so unlucky for some,  Little Flash and made from hardish plastic.
The only small Thing, they are a wee bit bigger than the previous set but fit perfectly alongside them.
Close ups
This pair have seperate arms Holding the weapons but attaching them was easy and no glue needed to Keep them in place.

Both sets together, including a few conversions from set 1.
Just under 4 weeks ago we took in a three legged (yes 3 legged) cat and her kittens. She lost her rear right leg in some sort of accident, crawled home after being missing for nearly a week with both back legs severly mangled and one had to be removed.
The owners were moving flat just as the three nippers were born so due to the chaos of the move, they came to us. They will stay with us until the kittens are independant, two males will go to friends, the female will stay with us, the mother goes back to the owners.
Aint he cute!!!! ?


  1. That's very admirable of your family to take in those cats!! Hope the mom makes a full recovery. :)

  2. Creepy (and beautiful!) new friends!

  3. Tremendous Paul, what a great set and nicely painted too.

  4. These are very cool, almost a gw vibe but without the over the top muscles and weapons. May have to look into getting some.

  5. Oh i like these, love the dark colours used. Also the kittens are very cute.

  6. Wait! There is a Orc Set 2 from Caesar? Those look better than the previous set. Less caveman like and more like old school Orcs. As usual, you did a fine job adding the colors!

    1. Thanks John. The orcs have been out a couple of months now and there´s a new set of Elves and men..or a set of elves and a set of seems to know for sure wether it´s one or two sets nd were to get them. Both are classic LotR´s style.

    2. I saw the set of Elves. Those look good too! They are in line with the GW set of Elves and Numinor. The one set that had half elves and half men of Gondor from the 2nd age. They are all definitely classic LotR!

  7. And the cat pictures? Aaaaaaawwwwwww. Very cute!