Friday 22 September 2017

Modern Amazons - Foot (Mild Nudity)

Modern Amazons as opposed to ancient or classical ones.
More from the Alliance range of Fantasy bods and Monsters.
10 Bodettes in the set, a wee bit of a Problem with Flash but it´s  easily removed.
I´m going to use them as Female Cimmerians so...
 .....I´ve stuck to the colour scheme I used for the Cimmerians, reddish hair and blue Cloth.
A couple of Close ups
The female orc from the Dark Alliance Orcs set 3 fits alongside them, so she´s now a Cimmerian...
.....and the females fit well alongside thier male Counterparts.
Now the NSFW side of the set. Not too "rude " but not for children.
How many Fantasy sets has RedBox (Alliance) brought out now? 34 including the 5 new ones about to appear in the Shops ?
I´m still haven´t caught up the the first 29 sets!!!