Thursday, 14 June 2018

Medieval civilians II - Valdemar

Set number II from a new range of Medieval citizens from Valdemar. Available HERE
6 bods and 1 pig..
Hopefully the piggy is only about to get a shave...
I hope so, because it appears that in the middle ages, pigs etc were killed with a blow to the head with something like a mallet or the blunt side of an axe.
The theme of the set seems to be "Medieval Butcher" and the bod on the left and the middle bodette could, theoretically, be carrying ribs but I prefered some sort of bundles of material


  1. Great looking additions!

  2. A close shave for piggy! :) I love how you painted the other piggy bits as packages. I can't help thinking that the chap with the knife should be working on a carcass though.

  3. Great additions. If he goes after the piggy like that, he'll likely just end up with a very angry pig...