Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Medieval Citizens III - Valdemar

Another set of Medieval citizens from Valdemar and available HERE
6 bods, a table, a crucifix, a Barrel and a set of scales
 Money Counter and  a showoff turning up with his big box of coins
Charlie and his chisel


  1. nice painting as usual. : )

  2. Amazing work!! I wonder how do you paint one piece of clothing in multiple shades of the same color? It makes it look so realistic. I will greatly appreciate if you can share your technique!!

    1. Thanks Arsovski. TBH, it´s a lazy method of painting. The bods are small so at a distance they don´t Need much Attention for shading etc.
      Basically..after a black base (one can always use White or Grey) the finished colour is the result of three layers. Example the one at the table with the scales. His browm top. First all painted with mid brown with a bit of black, then a heavy dry brush with mid Brown and then adding White to the mid Brown for last dry brush. His White protective bib.. White with a lot of mid brown with two dry brushes with less brwon each time. This makes a "warm" White. The one chiseling has a "cold" White bib. This is just light Grey with two dry brushes with more White added each dry brush. His head covering had Highlights added in just White so it had 4 layers, one extra than the bib.
      With red it´s difficult as adding White can make it pink so I Highlight with a mix of 1/3rd each red, mid brown and White..each time less red more White.
      It takes practice but if I´m unsure I start with a colour on a Surface or on my thumbnail. Once you have the idea and have tried it a few times it gets fast to do :-)