Saturday, 15 September 2018

Confederate Troops on the March - Strelets

Like the Union soldiers on the march set, 20 poses, one of them a Streltsi.
As with the previous 3 sets, a minimal  bit of Flash needed dealing with.
Flag is the 30th Arkansas Infantry Regiment,
The bods have an irregular  mix of uniforms and Equipment like knives, hatchets. Two  carry either they are on the march from/to somewhere  or marching into Action on the battlefield although, I thought Knapsacks were left off when going into Action..or?
"I do like a pipe before a Punch up"
The 2nd Winsconsin got a new Standard bearer...the OOB one holding the Standard  at an angle looked out of place.


  1. Confederates were always funnier than Blue Bellies.

  2. Nice Job on these Paul! You keep tempting me to start a ACW collection. Do you have rules that you use for these?

    1. Thanks David. I´m using the old Airfix rules by Terence Wise but the rules have a few holes in them, weapon ranges for example, so I´m going to have another game using Andy Copestake´s "Charge Boys Charge!" rules to see how they pan out and then make a mish mash of both rule sets.
      Link to Andy´s rules;

    2. PS. There are also These rules "Give them Cold Steel" by ED Mckie
      A lot more in depth than the airfix or Andy´s rules but some usefull bit´s to attach or adapt.

    3. Thanks Paul. You the first thing I did after seeing your figures was dig out my Terry Wise book and relook at the rules. :) (I still enjoy those photos) Andys rules look very appealing. I have a good collection of 15mm ACW but even so I'd probably enjoy 1/72 and something like Andys rules even more.

    4. I´ve just got another 4 infantry sets from strelets, pickets Charge etc...and I can only highly recommend them. Virtually Zero Flash, no over the top Detail, and 20 poses in a set for what is a very reasonable Price per set. I should have bought all eight marching, standing and attack sets in one go and saved on P&P

  3. Strelets have and continued to do a fabulous job with their ACW range and you have really brought out their best with your top painting.