Thursday, 27 September 2018

US Troops in Attack - Strelets

47 bods in 21 poses of which,  one is a Streltsi and 3 are wounded / dead. Also..two officer poses. That makes 15 usable poses so to reach the  20..
One  bod was recruited from the Union Infantry on the march set and 4 repeat poses from the set .
Flag is the 21st Ohio Veterans Volunteer Regiment.
Note; The left boot of the right Hand Standard bearer got re-painted after the pics were taken.
Most of the soldiery poses have the bods carrying their muskets on the right arm apart from one who´se pointing at...?..
The three wounded bods and the "spare" officer I´ll paint up later


  1. Pointing at the coming of the light.....nicely done Paul!

  2. Nice pics! When I take pictures of my own figures, its amazing how the camera spots errors my eyes miss!

  3. Very nice job...and great flags!

  4. you are preparing us a beautiful army

  5. I think your union blue looks right Paul, nice and dark.