Monday, 25 May 2020

Anglo Saxon Skirmishers - Tumbling Dice

Set AS5.
8 bods in seven poses. 8 Loose shields.
Archers and Javelinmen. Bowstrings added as shown HERE
I wouldn´t normally paint a repeat pose unless it had been converted in some way but adding a shield is a small alteration so acceptable.
The slinger with the red/white shield is the same pose but with a  head swop from the Norman light slingers set

So..I´m slowly getting through the Dark Ages Bods from TD so I´m going to be  getting some more from them..specifically the Renaissance (WotR´s) range (HERE) and the Frankish Crusaders (HERE)
I´m getting the Frankish Archers, Crossbows,  Peasant archers , Peasant Levy and Robinhood command* sets from the Franks range and the 3 artillery sets, WotR´s foot command, mounted archers (both armoured and liveried) from the Renaissance Range.
Any requests for other sets from both ranges?

*I can´t imagine what characters will be included in that one!😊


  1. Those look great, loving the bow strings..

  2. Hi Paul I would like to see your take on the command sets, i remain fascinated by your techniques - the bowstrings was one of the first I encountered although not in 2010. fantastic work - still the basic questions remain how do you prep your figures and prime plus how do you get that cloth like look in the painting - I seem to recall another of your blogs mentioning talc?

    1. Hi Lorenzo. I´ve painted the Viking Mounted Command (under the Tumbling dice label on the 18th of may) The Viking foot command and both Anglo saxon( foot and mounted ) command sets are in prep.
      I´ve done a "how to" on painting them but still haven´t posted it yet, too much time spent on the Dark Age lot so I keep forgetting. I´ll have to tidy it up and post it next.
      Basically, the base paint is black Acrylic. The make -kreul, as are all my paints. It´s a arts and craft shop paint but as good as any brand name stuff.....and way cheaper :-) To get it to flow I add a drop or two of washing up liquid into the mixing water but it can be used direct from the bottle.
      Base paint is painted on using an old worn out brush.
      To get the cloth effect it´s just highlighting, no Talc.

  3. Waow,very nice, and lovely shields! Very interesting range, I discover them thanks to you.